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What is a NAEG evaluation report ?

You can request two types of NAEG evaluation:
A Document-by-Document report will contain a full list of your credentials with US equivalents for each diploma and/or certificate, the period of attendance, name of institution, major, and year awarded.

A Course-by-Course report will provide all the information listed in a Document-By-Document evaluation with additional list of all academic studies and courses completed with credits. It will show all grades and grade point averages (GPA) as required by US institutions.

Isn't Translation and Evaluation the same thing?

Translation of an educational document is a simple conversion between languages, whereas Evaluation is identification of the appropriate educational standards between system.

What type of evaluation should I get?

A Document-By-Document Evaluation usually sufficient when transfer of credits is not required.
A Course-by-Course evaluation is normally requested by institutions when credits and Grade Point Averages are transferred and qualifications must be identified in specific subject areas.
Each one could be used for Education, Employment, or Immigration. If you are not sure of the institutional requirements we suggest getting a Course-by-Course evaluation because it is more comprehensive.

Can I use a U.S. government agency to evaluate credentials?

There is no U.S. government agency that provides such services. Because there is no systematic equivalence between US and foreign qualifications, these services are left to expert evaluators. NAEG is one of the recognized agencies that facilitate transfer of academic records between educational organizations

How do I apply to have my credentials evaluated?

Download Application for International Credential Evaluation. Print the form. Fill all the information, sign and date it; attach the necessary documentation and your payment (see Istruction page) and mail it to the address shown on the application form.

Can I deliver my application to your office?

At this time NAEG�s US office does not accept applications on a walk-in basis.

How can I get NAEG application?

To download NAEG application from the website use Download Application link in the menu and follow instructions. You can submit your request by mail or by calling NAEG toll free number 1-888-539-2804. You may also request an application to be E-mailed to you by using Contact Uspage or the following E-mail address

I have more than one degree. Do I need to fill several applications?

YES : If your degrees are in different, not related fields (for example: Arts and Engineering). If you wish to request separate Evaluations for each Degree, you should file separate Applications.
Example: You have Undergraduate degree in Accounting and Graduate Degree in International Business Management. You can request Separate Evaluations for each degree (Undergraduate; Graduate) by filing separate Applications. Every degree will be evaluated independently and issued a separate Report and Certificate. Please note that NAEG charges on per Evaluation Report basis.
NO: You have Advanced Degree (Undergraduate + Graduate) from the same or different institutions and wish to apply for evaluation of highest achievement. You need to file one application only. Everything will be evaluated in One Report.

My studies are not completed. Can I still get evaluation?

Yes. You need to follow the Course-by-Course evaluation procedure. Your Evaluation Report will be based all academic studies and courses completed with credits.

Do I need to send originals?

NAEG does NOT require originals to process your application. However, for verification purposes NAEG reserves the right to request originals as well as to contact institutions listed in those documents. All original documents will be returned to you by certified mail upon completion of evaluation (subject to additional handling and mailing fees).

My current name differs from the name on my transcripts and diplomas. Which name should I use ?

The application asks for your current name as well as the name on your educational records. Please provide us with both names. Evaluation report will show your name as it appears in your educational records.

My address has changed. How do I update this information?

If your address has changed, please contact us with your new address and mailing instructions as soon as possible.

How long takes to process a NAEG Evaluation Report?

In most cases NAEG will complete your Evaluation in 10 business days or less from the date we receive your application. If, however, any additional documentation, verification or research is needed, the process may be delayed.

What will my Evaluation Report look like?

Your evaluation report will clearly state the academic credentials you received, the institution you attended, the date you received them, and the US equivalent of your education.
Our official seal will be placed on each copy of your Evaluation Report. In addition, unique registration and validation numbers will be assigned to each report and stored in our database. With the help of our website, any Institution of your interest can validate authenticity of this Evaluation Report.
Click here to see samples of Evaluation Report.

Can I request Reevaluation?

Requests to change evaluation from Document-By-Document to Course-by-Course after we have started processing your application or after you receive a Report � will be considered as a new application with all applicable fees.
Reevaluation on the basis of new documents not submitted with original request is considered new application with all applicable fees.

What if I am not satisfied with my Evaluation Report?

NAEG is committed to providing most accurate service by utilizing only the most up-to-date recommendations available. However, NAEG cannot guarantee that the client will agree with the Evaluation Report. Any questions or concerns about evaluations must be submitted in writing.

How can I obtain additional copies of my Evaluation Report?

You can request additional copies at anytime. For additional copies ordered with initial Application for Evaluation a $15 processing fee for each copy will be required along with the Application. Copies ordered after completion of initial order are priced as follows: $35 � first copy of report; $15 each consecutive copy.

Are there additional fees for special mailing services?

In cases where special mailing instructions or international shipping agency is involved any additional charges will be passed on to the applicant. Please see Services and Fees page.

Will I get a refund if I cancel the application?

If we have started processing your application there will be no refunds issued.


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